Our Mission

Endeavour Legal Enterprises presents a unique and very different approach to the provision of legal services. This is demonstrated in service delivery, in our approach to client relationships and in identifying the legal professionals of the highest quality to be engaged to provide those services.

The Endeavour Legal Enterprises mission is to stay true to the cornerstone values of the legal profession which are essentially to serve, advocate, facilitate and apply specialised knowledge to assist and achieve outcomes for people who require legal services. The provision of our legal service is underscored by genuine endeavour and the provision of value for money within a holistic framework which is driven by results. 

Endeavour Legal Enterprises offers services with a view to providing outcomes and results for clients which are driven by the ultimate recognition that legal professional services are not an optional commodity, but rather are sought out of a necessity for professional legal expertise. The mission of the Company is underscored by that element of necessity which prompts clients to seek legal assistance.

What this means for anyone receiving service from Endeavour Legal Enterprises:

      • Honest communications;
      • Maximum use of our skill and expertise to provide optimum results for our clients
      • Commercially realistic, sensible and honest advice as to risks involved and potential costs to our clients of pursuing a particular course of action;
      • Tailoring our service provision having regard to the needs and priorities of our clients;
      • Commercially sensible solutions that are fit for purpose
      • Value added service,
      • Value for money;
      • Timely resolution of all matters;
      • High standards of professionalism and service;
      • Experienced and accountable professionals engaged on matters   

Clients will have the opportunity to decide whether they will retain Endeavour Legal Enterprises on the basis of fixed fee quotes and fee estimates depending on the matter being quoted. Our quotes will describe in detail the service to be provided and the work involved.

With commercial disputes or litigation, quotes or fee estimates are often difficult to provide as the contingencies that may arise in dispute management and litigation are not predictable. However the approach to dispute management will always be upon strict instruction from clients, and with a view to quick, timely and cost effective resolution.