Our Company

The inspiration behind Endeavour Legal Enterprises was to create a vehicle which would ensure that clients would be provided with service underpinned by

  • genuine endeavour
  • application of the highest standards of professional expertise and skill;
  • practical and commercial acumen;
  • outcomes that are fit for purpose and commercially sensible; and
  • most importantly value for money.

The professional services offered by Endeavour Legal Enterprises are provided in a timely, efficient and cost effective manner with earnest standards of professionalism and the recognition that our services are offered and provided to meet the underlying necessity for those services for all our clients. 

The Principal
Elizabeth Pullé              BA (University of Canberra)     
                                       LLB (Australian National University)
                                       LLM (Australian National University)

Elizabeth Pullé is a Legal Practitioner (Barrister and Solicitor) and she is admitted to practice in the High Court of Australia as well as the Supreme Court of the Australian Capital Territory. Elizabeth’s experience ranges from complex commercial contract drafting and advice, to dispute resolution in commercial matters for individuals and small and medium enterprises, to high level legal advice and probity advice, procurement advice and contract negotiation for various agencies of the Commonwealth Government in major commercial transactions including large acquisitions.

Elizabeth’s varied experience includes:

  • Commercial legal advice, probity advice and contract negotiation and drafting for various Commonwealth Government Departments while she was with the Property and Commercial Section of the Australian Government Solicitors;
  • Commercial and property advice while she was at the ACT Government Solicitor’s Office
  • Contract management and legal advice while she was at Telstra Corporation Ltd
  • Negotiation and representation of international treaties while she was at the International Legal Cooperation Section of the Commonwealth Attorney General’s Department.

For a detailed curriculum vitae outlining her experience, please contact Elizabeth at elizabeth.pulle@endeavourlegal.com.au

Her wide and varied experience in the legal profession motivated and inspired her in the founding of Endeavour Legal Enterprises. The paramount aim and mission is to deliver service with integrity premised on a business model which would benefit clients through the provision of high quality legal services and products and more critically true value for money. Elizabeth’s approach to the profession is to serve clients with integrity and strength of service to ensure that the client’s interests are served, protected and assured to the fullest extent afforded by the law.

This priority is underscored and delivered by a combination of her high level professional skills and expertise, and her work ethic which is to deliver practical outcomes and results to her clients quickly, efficiently and to high standards. Her approach is one of providing solutions for clients which lead to practical, commercially sensible results and the optimum outcome available having regard to the relative cost and benefit of pursuing a particular course of action. Her founding vision for Endeavour Legal Enterprises is practically demonstrated in her handling of all matters and in the strong work ethic that she demonstrates for all her clients.

Specialist Lawyers and Consultants

Endeavour Legal Enterprises engages and draws upon the expertise of highly specialised consultants to ensure that only the highest standards of service and quality advice are provided to clients. Some of our specialist consultants include other expert solicitors in highly specialised areas of the law, barristers, as well as specialist accountants, taxation advisors, and consulting project managers.  Only the most competent, professionally astute and experienced commercial lawyers are sourced and engaged as consultants where required for specialised areas of law.