Our Pricing Policy

We provide quotes or fee estimates where appropriate to all our clients as a part of our service.

All ACT Conveyancing, Wills and Powers of Attorney are provided on a fixed fee basis which are quoted prior to engagement and retention by a client.  All fixed fee quotes provided for property conveyancing matters in the ACT are inclusive of disbursements, so that the client can expect that the final cost, is exactly what they were quoted.

All quotes or fee estimates provided will detail what you have requested from us and what is involved. For all non-conveyancing, will or PoA matters, we will provide a fee estimate based on the estimated time that would reasonably be required to complete the task, the activities that are likely to be involved and with an outline of what you will receive for the estimated fee.

With commercial disputes or litigation, quotes or fee estimates are difficult to provide as the contingencies that arise in commercial disputes are not predictable, particularly where we engage counsel. However, the approach to dispute management will be upon strict instruction from clients, and with a view to quick, timely and cost effective resolution.

Engagement & Retention

Once you have reviewed the quote or estimate and the scope of work, if you are satisfied with the offer provided, you can retain our services in any of the following ways:

  1. For fixed fee matters we provide you with a written quote and you may retain our services by notifying us in writing;                 
  1. For non-fixed fee matters, we can email or mail our Cost Agreement to you and you can email or fax it back to us.

You will receive a copy of the Cost Agreement, together with the agreed quote once you have agreed that you are satisfied with the terms on which we will undertake the work.